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    T@9 is up and running every Tuesday night

    Theater 80
    80 St. Mark's Place

    Weekly Cold Readings

    Tuesdays@9 is our free weekly cold reading series that presents excerpts from new writings and music in process Free! Every Tuesday night at 9:00 pm in NYC & LA Drop by at any point during the season. All are welcome. Learn more HERE

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  • Monthly Readings

    April 13 at 3:15
    by Felicity Seidel
    dir by Danya Taymor
    Bruce Mitchell Rm, ART/NY
    520 8th Ave, 3rd Fl

    Monthly Readings

    April 13 at 3:15 pm LUCKY CHICK by Felicity Seidel directed by Danya Taymor The Bruce Mitchell Room, ART/NY 520 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10018 RSVP info@nakedangels.com Learn more HERE

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  • Monthly Radio Plays

    Naked Radio Live
    Behind The Actor
    Apr 27 - 7:30 pm
    New Plays by
    Sarah Burgess, Dylan Dawson
    & Josh Koenigsberg
    directed by Laura Savia
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    Monthly Radio Plays


    The Life and Career of Gary Strongflock

    The award-winning series that explores the front and back of an actor's career moves to a podcast format with its latest episode: "The Life and Career of Gary Strongflock." Strongflock, perhaps best known for his depiction of wisecracking and hard-boiled Detective Brass in the Brass Movies ("Brass", "Brass 2: Brass Harder", "Brass 3: Ménage à Brass", "Brass 4: Brass Over Baghdad", Brass 5: Brass To Da Hood", and "Brass 6: Child Patrol"), then toiled away in B horror movies ("Professor Acid Face") until making his lauded comeback as Barry "The Bird" Ballooni in the critically acclaimed "A Presence of Owls."

    Come take a trip down memory lane in front of a live studio audience (with real live foley) as we take you through the hits and flops of Strongflock's oeuvre.

    Story Contributors

    Sarah Burgess - Dylan Dawson - Josh Koenigsberg

    Featured Artists

    Eric Clem - Dylan Dawson - Daiva Dupree - Azhar Khan - Josh Koenigsberg - Will Rogers

    - and of course - 

    Gary Strongflock

    Directed by Laura Savia

    Music Direction by Jack Mitchell

    Live Foley by Tony Vo


    Monday, April 27th


    Access Theater

    380 Broadway

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