Step 2 – 1st Mondays


What: A free monthly reading series for new full-length work


When: The first Monday of every month at 2:00 pm


Where: Either:
  • The New School for Drama (151 Bank St)
  • Theatre 80 (80 St. Mark’s Place)
  • ART/NY (520 8th Ave)
  • Check the schedule on this page, our homepage, or social media for each reading’s location details. Directions available here.


Who: Half of the works in 1st Mondays are sourced directly from Tuesdays@9. The other half are curated by our Artistic Director. Each reading is supported by a professional cast and director.

2014-2015 Season 1st Mondays Schedule

October 6 – DEL VALLE* by Ned Van Zandt

directed by Joe Danisi

featuring Ned Van Zandt

William M. Hoffman – Dramaturg

*Developed within Tuesdays@9

2:00 pm

Theater 80, 80 St. Mark’s Place

DELL VALLE is my story: an account of the time I spent in a Texas state prison on a drug charge in 2006, when I met myself for the first time. 13 character. 1 man.

November 3 – BEDLAM by Zayd Dohrn

directed by Kip Fagan

featuring Will Brill, Sasha Diamond, William Jackson Harper, Jessica Hecht, Sarah Sakolovic, Elvy Yost

When Sam witnesses an act of senseless violence on the New York subway, he invites the victim, Kevin, back to his apartment to rest and recuperate. But as the two young men develop an unexpected friendship, Sam’s friends and family start to worry that Kevin could be dangerous – or worse, that Sam’s attachment could be a symptom of a sickness he’s struggled with his entire life. Bedlam is a look at the prejudices that divide us, and the craziness of trying to make connections in spite of our differences.

2:00 pm

The New School for Drama, 151 Bank St, Room 207

December 1 – OBSCURA by Jennifer Barclay

directed by Brian MacDevitt (Founding Company Member)

featuring Shelly Antony, Michael Crane, Gibson Frazier, Megan Mors Jans, Lola Pashalinski, Taylor Shurte, Maduka Steady, Simon Winheld

In an apartment building feverish with yearning, neighbors eavesdrop on neighbors, the government sends menacing letters and the past won’t stop knocking.  And through all the noise, Ned weaves a love story for his upstairs neighbor Salvia, luring her off to a land far far away.

2:00 pm

The New School for Drama, 151 Bank St, Room 207

January 12 – GIGANTIC F***ING WORMS by Ryan King

directed by Oliver Butler

Featuring: Hannah Cabel, Richard Gallagher, Zabryna Guevara, William Jackson Harper, Kellie Overbey, James Yaegashi

2:00 pm

The New School for Drama, 151 Bank St

They’re making a movie about really big worms. It’s basically a remake of 1990’s Tremors, but no one is admitting that. When tornadoes destroy the film set and the lead actress, production is stopped until she or a replacement can be found. With the star gone, the movie’s future becomes uncertain, and the team resorts to some desperate measures, including importing a vicious worm-like monster recently discovered in Canada. The worm is a great actor, but is it worth the price?

February 2HANDS* by Amy Staats

directed by Adrienne Campbell-Hold

Featuring: Molly Ward, Tom Bozell, Chris Stack, Marsha Dietlein, Cathy Curtin, Emma Lyle, Kristin Griffith, Will Dagger

*Developed within Tuesdays@9

2:00 pm

The Bruce Mitchell Room, ART/NY, 520 8th Ave, 3rd Floor

Janet is a local television reporter.  She’s smart, capable, and wants to sink her teeth into the kinds of important stories her rival, nightly correspondent Jim Albors, gets handed all the time. When her boss assigns her a story on competing hand models, Janet is furious. But when the interview goes viral and the models’ lives start to unravel, Janet must decide what’s more important: her hands or her heart. A comedy about love and learning to be brave. 

March 2 – STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR* by Andrea Lepcio

directed by Elysa Marden

Featuring: Natalie Smith, Hadi Tabal, Roderick Hill, Meetu Chilana, Emily Zacharias, Liz Pepe

*Developed within Tuesdays@9

2:30 pm

The Bruce Mitchell Room, ART/NY, 520 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor

Strait of Gibraltar tests the limits of trust and paralysis of prejudice under the United States Patriot Act.  Zameer, a Moroccan man living illegally in New York, and Miriam, a Jewish-American woman, fall madly in love. And then they fall under the Patriot Act.  The law of the land now allows prosecutors to jail those suspected of terrorism or aiding terrorists, stripping them of habeas corpus and any civil rights.  
Strait of Gibraltar examines the results.

April 13 – LUCKY CHICK* by Felicity Seidel

directed by Danya Taymor

Featuring: Felicity Seidel

*Developed within Tuesdays@9

3:15 pm

The Bruce Mitchell Room, ART/NY, 520 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor

Ever tag along on a convenience store robbery? Been the girlfriend of an iconic rock star? Hide out in Wyoming amidst cowboys to avoid a pissed off drug-kingpin? I did. All by the age of 18. This is my story: a tale from chaos to something like redemption.

May 4 – ST. ANTHONY’S BREAD* by Robert Tamburino

directed by Peter Ratray

Featuring Sandy Biano, Annie Meisels, Theresa Rose, Jason Nuzzo, Lou Liberatore, Richard Vetere, Tom Bozell, Joe Gulla, Eric Svendsen

*Developed within Tuesdays@9

The Bruce Mitchell Room, ART/NY, 520 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor

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