Step 1 – Tuesdays@9


What: A weekly cold reading series of excerpts from new writing

When: Every Tuesday evening at 9:00 pm (Casting begins at 8:30 pm)


Who: Anybody!


How It Started

In 1991 company playwrights Frank Pugliese, Pippin Parker and others watched the Gulf War’s broadcast on television and felt compelled to write about it. Giving themselves a weekly deadline, they began meeting on a regular basis to share their experiences, and thus Tuesdays@9 was born. Twenty-four years later, the program is still an arena for new works hot off the press.

How It Works

T@9 operates on an open submissions and open casting policy.



1) Print two hard copies of your ten-minute excerpt and clearly mark your contact information on the front

2) Attend T@9 with your hard copies in tow

3) At the end of T@9, hand your excerpt to one of our Creative Directors:

  • NYC – Andrea Cirie or Joe Danisi
  • LA – Kevin Hoffer or Adam Tomei

4) You will be contacted in advance if your excerpt is selected to be read

Please Note:

  • We welcome all forms of writing at T@9: prose, solo work, poetry, plays, screen plays, music, etc
  • Online submissions will not be accepted—you must hand in a hard copy
  • Musicians may supply a CD, USB drive, or inquire about emailing song files or links to their music



1) Arrive at Tuesdays@9 a little before 8:30 pm

2) At 8:30 pm, tell one of the Creative Directors that you’d like to be considered for casting

  • NYC – Andrea Cirie or Joe Danisi
  • LA – Kevin Hoffer or Adam Tomei

3) Wait to see if you get selected. If not, please let us know again the next time you attend!



1) Arrive at Tuesdays@9

2) Enjoy!

Please Note:

  • Tuesdays@9 is an open, supportive, and communal environment. You may show up at any point during the season and be welcomed into the community. Attend a lot, attend a little–we’re always here.

The 3-Step Formula is supported in part by public funds from 


It is also made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and 



And the generous support of

The Harold & Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust