Tuesdays@9plusFirst MondaysplusAngels in ProgressThe Three Step Formula

From our inception, Naked Angels has always thrived on the spontaneity of ideas. Our long-running development programs–Tuesdays@9, 1st Mondays, and Angels In Progress–are designed to nurture a playwright from the beginning stages of a work, and are all offered to artists and audiences free of charge.

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Tuesdays at 9


Tuesdays@9, running every Tuesday, September through June, since 1991, is a cold reading series where writers are invited to bring in a ten-page sample of their current project. The piece is cast on the spot and given a cold read in front of a live audience, allowing the playwright to hear it in its rawest form. This resource serves over 200 writers each year and draws approximately 120 audience members and volunteer artists every week.

1st Mondays


From there, writers can submit to 1st Mondays, Naked Angels’ simple yet vital monthly full-length reading series, which unveils a brand new play every month, giving the playwright the invaluable opportunity to hear his or her words lifted from the page to the stage in its entirety for the first time.

Angels in Progress


Once a piece has had its initial reading, it is then often channeled into the workshop series, Angels In Progress, where it is given an intensive rehearsal period and then performed in whichever setting best serves the needs of the piece, be it a reading, staged reading, or performance. By focusing on the performance and the text itself, the artist can commit to the task at hand: refining a promising new piece of theater.

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