Naked TV: 2004

An Evening of Original One-Act Pilots
presented in Association with the Fox Broadcasting Company
The Edgemar Center For The Arts
Santa Monica, CA
April 16th – May 9th, 2004

Executive Producer:  Paul S. Eckstein
Producer:  Veronica Brady
Associate Producer:  Kimberly Mercado
Consulting Producer:  Ilana Levine

Set Design:  Alicia Hoge
Scenic Design:  Jason Adams
Lighting Design:  Adam H. Greene
Costume Design:  Cynthia Herteg
Original Music:  Shark
Production Design, Titles:  Planet Grande Pictures
Graphic Design, Poster Art:  Rob Cohen

Created by Chuck Swenson
with: Val Konoplev, Catherine Lloyd Burns, Rinat Gazizov, Sergei Shramkovsky, Ilana Levine, Steven Weber

Written by Andy Bobrow
Directed by Michelle Danner

with: Michael Weston, Chris Gartin, Kinsey Packard, Brian Drillinger, Larkin Clark, Mark Allan Stewart, Elizabeth Yaskin

A Boy Named Sue
Written by Ben Kull
Directed by Veronica Brady
with: Lucas Till, Alison West, Allison Tyler, Michelle Durham, Amy Halloran

Two Fold
Written by Tessa Blake
Directed by Charlie Stratton
with: Missy Yager, Jennifer Demartino, Patrick Burleigh, Spencer Garrett, Chris Gartin

The Lamb
Written by Sharr White
Directed by Paul S. Eckstein

with: Michael Raynor, Larry Romano, Brian Drillinger, Gareth Williams, Jack Merrill, Deanna Wright, Marc John Jefferies

Written by Matt Boren
Directed by Douglas Segal

with: Melissa Joan Hart, Matt Bushell, Patrick Burleigh, Sian Heder, Bill Ingenthron, Tava Smiley

The Last American Liberal

Written by Ian Williams
Directed by Geoffrey Nauffts

with: Joe O’Connor, Jessica Lindsey, Mary Kay Wulf, Tony Oller, Spencer Garrett, Mark Allen Stewart

Welcome To Normal
Written by Josh Ben Friedman
Directed by Adam Davidson
with: Kelly Wolf, Caker Folley, Googy Gress, Gareth Williams, Camille Mana, Tiffany Thornton