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Episode 501- Say What You Need to Say!

posted by NR | september 8, 2014

(All episodes were directed by Liz Carlson) 


Johnny Joe Johnson and the Mountain Three
by Britton Butrill

Will Turner

Tommy Crawford

Douglas Waterbury Tieman

Alex Grubbs

Kate Weber


My Secret’s Name is Moe
by Catya McMullen


Halley Fieffer

Josh Koenigsburg

Sean McIntyre

Catya McMullen


The Living Etude

by Martin Zimmerman



Stephen Stout

Cleo Gray

Margaret Hee

Episode 405 – On the Brink with Clubbed Thumb!

posted by NR | may 22, 2014

All In by Peggy Stafford

(directed by Liz Carlson)

Leila Buck

Alex Grubbs

Mike Shapiro

Hubert Pont DuJour

Janine Harouni

Andy Ingalls


41derful by Jenny Schwartz 

(directed by Jenny Schwartz)

Paul Thureen

Maria Striar

Alex Grubbs


Fishman by Ariel Stess

(directed by Liz Carlson)

Lauren Blumenfeld

Paul Thureen

Jeanna Phillips

Alex Grubbs

Claire Karpen


All episodes were mixed, edited and sound designed by Jill Du Boff

With special thanks to  Clubbed Thumb, Michael Bulger, The New School for recording space and Will Lakritz.

Episode 404 – Spring Break

posted by NR | april 20, 2014

This episode was directed by Liz Carlson

nothingness by Cory Finley


Steve French

Alex Herrald

Bonnie White

Carolyn Michelle Smith


“Teens on Spring” by Two Girls for Five Bucks

Daiva Dupree & Cathleen Carr


Scruffy by Dan McCabe


Stephanie Hsu

Bob Jaffe

Natalie Bialistozky

With special thanks to The New School for recording space and Will Lakritz.

Episode 403 – When I Grow Up

posted by NR | december 27, 2013

This episode was directed by Kel Haney.


How I Met Your Father by Anna Ziegler
Heidi – Crystal Finn
Robert – Teddy Bergman
Paul – Ryan King
Jeff – Daniel Pearce
Sam – Brad Bellamy


Playing Zelda at Ted’s House by Sylvia Khoury
Al – Tom Bozell
Ted – Jay Patterson
Dana – Ann Talman


Radio Play by Max Posner
Attie – Brooke Bloom
Frank – Aaron Moten
Therapist – Colleen Werthmann
Mr. Rick – Larry Pine


With special thanks to the New School for the recording space.

Episode 402 – Naked Radio LIVE: Letters to Santa

posted by NR | december 23, 2013

This live episode of Naked Radio was performed in front of a live audience at the New School in New York City. It was directed by Laura Savia and music directed by Jack Mitchell. Our foley artist was Tony Vo.


With your hosts
Halley Feiffer
Josh Koenigsberg


Letters to Santa by Rob Askins
Ben – Jon Bass
Charlie – Eric Clem


Klaus by Dipika Guha
Santa Claus – Michael Cullen
Mrs. Claus – Kathryn Kates
Klaus – Aaron Costa Ganis


Letters to Santa by Lucas Kavner
Mrs. Malloy – Megan Hill
Santa Claus – Azhar Khan
Zingy – Ariana Seigel


With special guests Emma Tattenbaum-Fine and Ariana Seigel.

Happy Holidays, errbody!

Episode 40666 – Helloscream Bonehiss Deadpisstoad!

posted by NR | october 31, 2013

This terrifying mini-episode was directed by Liz Carlson.


Zombie Cockroaches by Josh Koenigsberg
Nick(y) – Daiva Dupree
Gregory – Dylan Dawson
Dr. Villar – Azhar Khan
Karen – Cathleen Carr
Lyle – Malcolm Madera

With special thanks to the New School for the haunted recording space!

Episode 401 – Classes, Books and Dirty Looks

posted by NR | october 10, 2013

This episode was directed by Liz Carlson.


Open Road of the Soul by Jen Silverman
Viola – Molly Carden
Dungeon Master Dorothy – Chaelon Costello
Californian Monk – Aaron Costa Ganis
Homeless Guy – Seth Moore
Viola’s Mom – Mary Bacon


Elevator Play by Greg Keller
Girl 1 – Allison Buck
Girl 2 – Ismenia Mendes


Song of the Summer by Alex Barron
with Aaron Costa Ganis, Ismenia Mendes and Seth Moore


Hymnal by Miko and the Musket


With special thanks to the New School for the recording space.

Episode 308 – Free to Be You and Me!

posted by NR | august 4, 2013

On this episode…


Hello Ms. by Heidi Schreck
Udell – Birgit Huppuch
Pogrebin – Sue Jean Kim
Peacock – Britt Lower
Steinem – Virginia Kull
Clay – Darren Goldstein


Immersion by Greg Pierce
Joan – Joyce Van Patten


Get Over It by Eric Clem
Brian – Quincy Dunn-Baker
Hipster Girl – Liz Carlson
Mike – Josh Koenigsberg
Dan – Dylan Dawson
Molly – Molly Ward


With special thanks to the New School for the recording space and to Adam Lerman, just because.

See you next season!


Episode 307 – Avast, Me Hearties!

posted by NR | may 31, 2013

On this episode…


The Crab Prince: A Jollyship the Whizbang Adventure by Nick Jones
Old Tom – Jeff Biehl
Captain Clamp – Nick Jones
Young Tom – Nick Jones
Mr. Skeevy – Corn Mo
The Crab Prince – Steven Boyer
King Crab – Jeff Biehl
Sir Shrimp – Steven Boyer


Lotus Eaters by Tommy Smith
with Carrie Coon, Betty Gilpin, Mari Yamamoto and Jo Mei


A SPECIAL, BEHIND THE SCENES TECHNICAL NOTE: For this piece, we employed a recording method we’ve never tried before. Tommy wrote the piece and then made a recording of himself performing all four parts. He then gave that recording to an actress who had never read the piece. She listened to Tommy’s recording and repeated the lines as she heard them. Her recording was then distributed to the four actors in this piece, none of whom had ever read or heard the piece before. What you’re hearing here is for actors confronting the material for the first time, delivering the lines as they hear them for the first time.


Pirates NYC
with Two Girls for Five Bucks – Cathleen Carr and Daiva Deupree


With special thanks to Dan Kutcher and Corn Mo for their music help and to Adam Lerman, for the thing with the guy that time.


Episode 306 – Go Ravens!

posted by NR | march 29, 2013

On this episode…


No Punt Intended! by Matt Dellapina
Pete Langley – Matt Dellapina
Meredith – Cathleen Carr
Kenny from Flushing – Dylan Dawson
Robert from London – John Behlmann
Jane Kowalski from Middle Village, Queens – Christina Pumariega


Crash Landing! by Eliza Clark
Figaro – Emily Simoness
Torte – Adam Lerman
Human Boy – Daiva Deupree
Coach Brian – Marshall York


Roger and Me by Sarah Burgess
Sarah – Sarah Burgess
Roger Goodell – Eric Clem


With special thanks to Adam Lerman.  Just for bein’ Adam Lerman.


Episode 305 – I Hereby Resolve…

posted by NR | february 19, 2013

On this episode…


Thalio’s Men Present The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Greg and Kat by Alex Barron
Thalio – Jared Eberlein
Hector – Dylan Dawson
Greg – Matt Dellapina
Kat – Kristen Bush


Priya 2013 by Jackie Sibblies Drury
with Daiva Deupree, Kate Weber and Lauren Blumenfeld


How to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions In Five Days with Lauren Blumenfeld


With special thanks to Adam Lerman.  He knows why.


Naked Radio Does The Players Club! And Helium!

posted by NR | february 5, 2013

Episode 304 – A Little Xmas Poetry from Naked Radio Live!

posted by NR | december 24, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  On this mini-sode:

Recorded at Ars Nova
December 6, 2012
As part of “Naked Radio Live: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” 

New Christmas Poetry by Sarah Burgess
Sharon Baskins-Smith – Natasha Rothwell
Rachel Marks – Halley Feiffer

Episode 303 – Naked Radio LIVE: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

posted by NR | december 13, 2012

On this episode…


Naked Radio LIVE: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
Recorded live at Ars Nova in New York City
Directed by Laura Savia
Musical direction by Eric March
Live foley by Adam Lerman


The Don Davenport Show
with your host, Adam Lerman!
And everyone’s favorite band leader, Eric March!


Di’anu Hard by Josh Koenigsberg
Mordecai Merkowitz – Josh Koenigsberg
Kenny Kilgore – Azhar Khan
Nancy – Natasha Rothwell
Mr. Takaki – Roger Lirtsman
Drunk Guy – Dylan Dawson
Drunk Girl – Cathleen Carr
Thug 1 – Eric Clem
Thug 2 – Daiva Deupree


Ask an Expert with Cathleen Carr and Daiva Deupree
with special guest: Illois, the Christmas tree seller!


Between the Two Humps by Halley Feiffer
Joseph – Dylan Dawson
Mary – Daiva Deupree
Gabriel – Eric Clem
God – Azhar Khan


New Christmas Poetry by Sarah Burgess
Sharon Baskins-Smith – Natasha Rothwell
Rachel Marks – Halley Feiffer


Santa Claus: The Man Behind the Beard by Dylan Dawson
Narrator – Roger Lirtsman
Little Kringle – Daiva Deupree
Sinterklaas – Azhar Khan
Dudley – Josh Koenigsberg
Kris Kringle – Eric Clem
Gertrude Maidenheart/Mrs. Claus – Cathleen Carr
Publicist – Dylan Dawson
Andrews Sisters/Rockettes – Cathleen Carr, Daiva Deupree and Natasha Rothwell
Woman with Cane – Daiva Deupree


Featuring The Don Davenport Singers: Dolan Bloom, Steve Czarnecki, Megan Griffith, Meghan Hourigan, Molli McCulley, Anthony Ritosa, Douglas Theone and Alexandrea Tocco.


With special thanks to Jon Bass, Jenny Lawton and every single solitary person at Ars Nova.  And a huge thanks for the extraordinary work of Laura Savia, Jill BC DuBoff and the never more attractive Adam Lerman.

We all went to high school

posted by NR | december 4, 2012

Episode 302 – Hail to the Chief

posted by NR | december 4, 2012

On this episode…


The Curse of Tippecanoe by Don Nguyen
Shauna Getter – Margo Seibert
Mac Macintosh – Bobby Moreno
Dr. Rolf/Lee Harvey Oswald/Abraham Lincoln – Roger Lirtsman
Morris/Usher/William Henry Harrison – Azhar Khan


Presidents by Robert Askins
Charity – Phoebe Strole
Rick – Joe Tippett
Daryl – Adam Lerman


Lake House by Sarah Burgess
Michael – Dylan Dawson
Rebecca – Daiva Deupree
Joey – Henry Vick
Aide – Roger Lirtsman
Dave – Azhar Khan
President – Marshall York


With special thanks to Adam Lerman, just for bein’ Adam Lerman.



Recording a podcast is fun

posted by NR | october 31, 2012









Five hundred actors around a SINGLE MIC!







How do you make a radio show again? HA HA HA HA HA!



Research is very important when you're playing a character a knotty and complex as Michelle Tanner.



Recording THE INTERNET. Caroline's radio piece, that is. Not the whole internet. That would be ridiculous.






Stifling laughter or yawning? It can be hard to tell late in a session.


The great and very hospitable John Kilgore and newly minted producer Jill BC DuBoff

Episode 301 – You Can’t Beat City HELL!

posted by NR | october 31, 2012

On this episode…


Hell Roommate by Josh Koenigsberg
Jane – Daiva Deupree
Kathy – Cathleen Carr
Damien – Azhar Khan
Mikey – Malcolm Madera
Creepy Dad – Josh Koenigsberg


The Internet by Caroline V. McGraw
Howie – Roger Lirtsman
Bridget – Rebecca Henderson


Full House, Post-Apocalypse by Lucas Kavner
Jesse – Marshall York
Michelle – Daiva Deupree
Joey – Josh Koenigsberg
Stephanie – Cathleen Carr
DJ – Joanna Simmons
Danny – Lucas Kavner


With special thanks to Adam Lerman for our bitchin’ new tag.


Recorded at John Kilgore Sound and Recording in New York City.


Episode 209 – Summer Is Coming

posted by NR | june 4, 2012

On this episode…


4Thirsty – Part 1
with Alex Barron, Liz Bell, Dylan Dawson, Andy Donald and Josh Koenigsberg


The Dolphins by Bekah Brunstetter
with Alex Barron, Eric Clem, Dylan Dawson and Josh Koenigsberg


Fun With Garage Band – What Jordan Will Do On Her Summer Vacation
with Lauren Blumenfeld and special guest, Jordan


4Thirsty – Part 2
with Alex Barron, Liz Bell, Dylan Dawson, Andy Donald and Josh Koenigsberg

Birthday Movie Date

posted by NR | april 19, 2012

Looking for the movie we premiered at Naked Radio Live: Happy Birthday!  Well, you have very much come to the right place.


In 2007, Dylan and Azhar discovered that their birthdays fall on the same week. Since then, they have established a recurring tradition of a bromantic birthday movie date. Luckily for you, they never go anywhere without a super lo-fi camera crew.


Written and performed by Azhar Khan and Dylan Dawson
Filmed by Clayton Harley
Edited by Clayton Harley and Azhar Khan
Premiered at Naked Radio Live: Happy Birthday! – 4/17/12

Episode 208 – Naked Radio Live: Happy Birthday!

posted by NR | april 19, 2012

On this LIVE episode…


Lauren’s Kraftin’ Korner
with Lauren Blumenfeld, Eric Clem and CELEBRITY GUESTS!


Happy Birthday, You Fucking Bitch by Sarah Burgess
with Jon Bass, Lauren Blumenfeld, Eric Clem, Dylan Dawson, Daiva Deupree, Azhar Khan, Josh Koenigsberg, Will Rogers and Natasha Rothwell


A Quick Chat with Nell Timreck, Yale midwifery student
with Will Rogers, Daiva Deupree and special guest Nell Timreck


A Birthday Story
with special guest Isaac Oliver


Birthday Regret by Zilla Persona


Birthday Movie Date by Azhar Khan and Dylan Dawson, directed by Clayton Harley


Win a Date with Will Rogers, created by Josh Koenigsberg and Will Rogers
with Jon Bass, Josh Koenigsberg, Will Rogers and Natasha Rothwell

Episode 207 – Your Own Worst Enemy

posted by NR | march 30, 2012

On this episode…


Matt Mann: Mystical Detective – The Case of the Man/Squirrel Hybrid Monster
by Josh Koenigsberg
with Eric Clem, Josh Koenigsberg, Lauren Blumenfeld, Will Rogers, Azhar Khan and Roger Lirtsman


Dick by Alex Barron
with Will Rogers, Roger Lirtsman, Azhar Khan, Dylan Dawson, Lauren Blumenfeld, Daiva Deupree and special guest Jenni Barber

Episode 206 – Shoo-be-doo-BOP!

posted by NR | march 1, 2012

On this episode…


Miles Isley: Scat Detective by Dylan Dawson
with Eric Clem, Josh Koenigsberg and special guest Steven Levenson


Dancing Cheek to Cheek
with Daiva Deupree, Will Rogers and Naked Radio alum Justin Levine


Miles Isley: Scat Lover by Dylan Dawson
with Eric Clem and Sarah Burgess


Theme/Variation by special guest Steven Levenson
with Dylan Dawson and Eric Clem


Miles Isley: Scatalogical Liar by Dylan Dawson
with Eric Clem and Josh Koenigsberg


Jazz Seeker by special guest Zilla Persona


Miles Isley: Scat Musician by Dylan Dawson
With Eric Clem and Andy Donald



Kraftin’ Korner – V-Day Special!

posted by lauren | february 14, 2012

Need a gift for your sweetie?

Chinese Lessons With My Dad: Episode 1

posted by cathleen | february 1, 2012

Two Girls For Five Bucks: Hotel Bar Holiday

posted by cathleen | december 21, 2011

Join Daiva and Cathleen as they tour New York City’s most storied 5 star hotels in search of drinks and holiday joy.

A Message For 2011 From A Grateful Guy

posted by eric | december 16, 2011

This one's for you, 2011.


For the past few years, I’ve been keeping what’s known as a Gratitude Journal. Sound familiar? It may have been suggested you keep one by either Oprah or your therapist — they both know what’s best for you at 4:30 in the afternoon. For those of you who don’t know what it is, as the name suggests, it is a journal in which you detail a few things everyday for which you are grateful. It’s that simple, and I’m living proof that it does improve one’s outlook on the world.


Seeing as 2011 is quickly coming to a close, I thought I’d look over my 2011 Gratitude Journal entries to recap this year’s journey. Below are some highlights in chronological order:


-Without an agent I don’t have to give a percentage of any parts I book.

-My nights are free since I didn’t book that part.

-My hair is falling out slower than it was.

-My dad and I are finally becoming good friends.

-It was a beautiful day for his funeral.

-Panic attacks bad, anxiety meds goooooooooooooooood.

-I don’t have to leave town since I didn’t book that part.

-At least it’s not a world war.

-My chronic back problems aren’t worse/more frequent.

-My job gives me insurance.

-My insurance may not have covered the medical procedure, but at least with my mom’s help I still have some of my savings left.

-I can keep my job/healthcare since I didn’t book that part.

-Turning 30 isn’t so bad. I’ve still got lots of time for…[unfinished entry].


-She broke up with me before I proposed.

-Local liquor store has a deal wherein, if you buy 10 bottles, the 11th is FREE!

-Anxiety meds still soooooo gooooooooood.


In conclusion, my message to 2011 is this: GO F*** YOURSELF! And another thing — you owe me BIGTIME! Keep that in mind when I play the lottery this week. Oh, and just in case you didn’t hear me the first time, GO. F***. YOUR. SELF.


Happy Holidays, Everyone! And here’s to a happy new year!