Tuesdays@9 Holiday Schedule

With the holiday season coming up, we know it can be confusing trying to figure out when to come to our free-of-charge, open-to-the-public, hottest-cold-reading-series in town. Don’t worry! We’ve got it all laid out for you.

Tuesday, December 22nd: NO T@9!

Tuesday, December 29th: Still no T@9!

Tuesday, January 5th: STILL no T@9!

Tuesday, January 12th: We’re back—for good this time! Every Tuesday through June 22nd.

AND, in case you’re also wondering about our full-length reading series (also free-of-charge, open-to-the-public, and at The Cherry Pit), 1st Mondays will take place on Monday, January 12th (that’s right, the SECOND Monday!) @7:30pm. More updates on that coming soon!

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